Travel to Tanga District

It is very easy to travel to Tanga. For as long as you have it takes, others can be so easy. It is not much difficult to reach this city in Tanzania. One more thing I know about this Tanga city is that it is a home to a number of tourist attractions;

There as well many various ways to get to the city Tanga travel is made easy with the various means to reach the city. An important port on the shores of the Indian Ocean, Tanga is situated on the fringes of Kenya. Being one of the principal harbors in the area, you can avail the sea route to reach Tanga.

In Tanga there is very convenient and developed infrastructure which makes transportation easy in Tanga city.
The Northern Line of the Tanzanian Railways extends from Dar es Salaam and Tanga to Moshi and Arusha. This railway track connects the railway systems of Kenya and Uganda as well.

For those of you who are not interested in taking the taxis, there is another alternative of the busses. They are very fast as well and their services ply between Mombasa via Lunga Lunga. The other good option of Tanga travel is to take benefit of the matatus and shared taxis. It takes about 1½ hours in order to reach Tanga from Mombasa.


Facts about Tanga

It would be much better to know something small about this Tanga travel. In fact it is important to gather a few necessary details about the place where you have planned your vacations.

Of all the tours in Tanzania, Tanga tours are the best tours you can ever think of. There are so many things to see when you actually get to Tanga. A few of them include; The animals like the lions, leopards, hyenas, hippos, chimps and so many others.

Before you think about going on a safari to this wonderful city, I think that you have to know where Tanga is located. It is located on the north eastern part of Tanzania, and capital of Tanga Region, the city of Tanga sits on the Indian Ocean.

 The location of Tanga is very good that it serves as a significant road hub and coastal terminus of a railroad to a rich interior region in which sisal; hemp fiber, coffee, tea, and rubber are grown.

If you want to have a tour to Tanga, let it be business or some other thing, it is the best place to do your projects. The common products you can find here are cotton, sisal textiles, hand crafts and so many others. 
Note that if you are as well interested in knowing about the history of Tanga, this helps know where and how the city are going to visit looks like. You have to know that the Germans came here and settled in 1888. Following the settlement of Germans, the seaport city was developed as an entry port for settlers.
After that, the city was chosen in 1889 as a military post of German East Africa, and became a district office in 1891.

All these facts sound funny and not important but as you go to Tanga, that is when you discover that it was necessary to know some thing about the city. These facts about Tanga will certainly help you in your Tanga trip. Once you go to the port city and explore the historic sites and tourist spots, you will come across more such fascinating facts about the place.






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