This Tanzania travel guide offers you the best information about the city such that you are position to have the best out of your safari to Dodoma or Tanzania and incase you are seeking leisure or coming for business, then come to Dodoma  and every thing will be fine.

Getting to Dodoma:-

There are many ways of getting to Dodoma and one of them is to take the bus that runs from Arusha via Kondoa to the north. In this case, the tourists have to be informed hoe bad this road is such that they are aware of it. This problem of slippery is normally during the rainy season. There is a highway that is known as the Great Northern Highway and it takes more than 12 hours to travel by the highways.

The other way is from Iringa and travel time is about six hours on a winding gravel road of varying quality. This Iringa road passes right over the Mtera Dam.

Others run from Dar es Salaam to Dodoma which normally takes around five to six hours to reach Dodoma with a stop in Morogoro.

Getting Around the city:-

It is not hard to get to the city because there are so many taxis that are called (Dalla Dalla) There are also three bus stations in the city which includes; Jamatini; at the Saba Saba bus stand, to moderate-distance places such as Mpwapwa and Mvumi. However if you want to use the long-distance buses, they leave from the main stand that is near the Parliament buildings.

As you wait for the busses to get going, there are some restaurants where you can dine as well as in Dodoma.















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